What is E-Vehicle (Electric Vehicle)?

An Electric Vehicle or E-Vehicle is propelled through the electric motor system. This vehicle runs through rechargeable battery, solar panels or electric generators. Operating E-Vehicles are also very efficient.

E-Vehicles are replenished by plugging the batteries into a powered motor. These batteries are charged using electricity supply.

The Electric Vehicle has various methods depending upon the energy used in the system.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Battery Electric Vehicle

India has launched various types of electric vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, electric cycles, buses, railways and so forth. Producing E-Vehicles and adopting to it brings much good improvement to our society and our world.

Why E-Vehicles are the need of the hour?

  • E-Vehicle helps diminishing Global Warning and Air pollution, by emitting out the hazardous gas.
  • To overcome deadly diseases due to the dangerous environment.
  • Being Eco – friendly, it helps other living organisms to survive.
  • We will be more dependent on renewable resource instead of a non-renewable resource.

How Solar helps E-Vehicles for charging?

E-Vehicles are more sustainable than the vehicles which use Fuel. But did you know that too much electric power increases the load in the grid?

Here comes Solar Power to the rescue. The utilization of Solar Energy has been rapidly increasing as solar power helps to overcome such hindrances. Moreover, solar energy is ample in amount.

Either the solar panels are installed/ retrofitted above the vehicle, or the vehicles are charged using a solar PV inverter. Thus, E-Vehicle does not require any electric power station.

Using solar energy makes it environment-friendly, economical and also self-reliant.

Vast Job Opportunities:

E-vehicles are a boon in today’s economy, and not to mention the job opportunities are plenty in this field. We have job opportunities awaiting not only in India but also over the world.

Individuals who are pondering to become entrepreneurs have an extensive opportunity in this field.

There are institutions providing training on E – Vehicles which helps individuals understand the core concept and work skillfully.

E – Vehicles are the future of transportation, so are the job opportunities, and so any individual with ready skills in this segment can benefit in the upcoming years.

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