Course Description

Photography is the process of capturing stills or moving pictures. It is an art and has the power to create an emotional impact on people. Photography has an application on almost all the industries, which include fashion, tourism, advertisement, sports, journalism, filmmaking and so forth. The course will best suit students who have a passion for photography and creativity.

Job Opportunities

Photojournalist captures images of various incidents and creates a story from those images. They usually work for magazines, newspapers, and so forth.

Photographers are people who normally capture different kinds of photographs in various places. Photographers is of many kinds (i.e., wildlife photographer, fashion photographer, landscape photographer etc.)

Commercial Photographers capture images which used to promote/advertise a product, brand or company and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

To gain basic knowledge about the photography

To understand different types and usage of cameras, films, lighting, and so forth.

Understand the general features of the cameras.

Training Methodology

Hands on training

Expert Session/ Guest Lecture



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