Customer Relationship Management

Course Description

Customer relationship management is a process of maintaining the relationship between customers and the management of the company. It mainly focuses on customer retention. The main objective of customer relationship management is to increase sales by using data analysis to know more about customers’ needs, wants and fulfill their demands by the industries. The course will suit the students who are interested in sales, managing customers and so forth

Job Opportunities

CRM Manager is responsible for the execution, implementing the customers’ relations.

CRM executive maintains interactions with customers. They maintain and manage customers’ orders, quotations and so forth.

Planning, design and implementing Customer relationship management strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to understand the basic concepts of customer relationship management strategies.

Students will get in-depth knowledge about the customer’s importance for the companies to fulfil their needs and wants.

Training Methodology

Guest Lecture

Expert Session

Software Application

SAAS- Introduction


Any Graduates

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