Data Science

Course Description

Data science is the future of Artificial Intelligence and it is very important to add value to your business. This technique is used to record, store and analyze data to extract pieces of information from structured and unstructured data. Data science consists of both data mining and big data. Scientific methods, algorithms and systems are used to extract the data.

Job Opportunities

Data Scientist collects information using data from various applications and analyzes it for building artificial intelligence tools and makes business to run effectively.

Data Analyst collects data from sales, market research and various sectors. These data were used to make better decisions for the business, organization and so forth.

Data engineer develops constructs and maintains architecture such as database and so forth.

Data Architect builds and maintains the company’s database. They are also responsible for creating database solutions and prepare designs.

Business Intelligence Developer uses data to develop business-related activities to increase the profit and also efficiency.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the concept of data, Analytical problems and tactics.

Students gain knowledge; about data projects, how to organize, analyze, and manage effectively.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Live demo

Real-time example


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