Building Construction And Technology

Course Description

Strength of Materials and Structural Design

Building construction

Management, Didactics and Safety

Building Physics and Building Technology

Materials Science of Concrete

Material Science of Timber and Metals

Construction and Project Management

Management of Quality and Safety Construction

Installation systems

Project Planning and Control

Construction Engineering Practices

Maintenance Planning and Control

Construction methods and Equipments

Recent Advances in Construction Materials

Civil Engineering Materials

Material Management

Quality Assurance

Job Opportunities

Construction Manager is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the construction activities and also maintaining the structures.

Building Inspector inspects the construction (i.e.) checking the standards, structure base and so on.

The cost estimator is responsible for estimating the overall budget for the construction.

The site engineer is responsible for all activities such as designing blueprints or diagrams, planning, co-ordination and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the basic concept of constructing a building or structure.

Gain in-depth knowledge of industry standards and practices.

Demonstrate blueprints and schemes.

Understand knowledge about the professional environment.

Demonstrate and understand how to plan and design construction.

Understand current trends in construction technology.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Guest lecture


Diploma/ Engineering

Price And Duration

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