LED/LCD Services & CCTV Installations

Course Description

As we all know millions of people worldwide use TV, laptops, mobiles and many more gadgets a lot, but don’t we need people to service them? The need for service engineers is increasing among rural and urban societies and so learning this course will do many advantages.

CCTV Cameras are used in industries, houses, apartments, roads and many other places. the need for CCTV service engineers is high in demand. One will have many job opportunities in the Security industry.

Job Opportunities

 Overall installation and servicing process. 

Responsible for installing the CCTV cameras in commercial places, buildings etc. Also providing sales support services to customers.

Learning Outcomes

Overview of basic concepts

Demonstrate installing and servicing

Gain knowledge about tools and equipment.

Training Methodology

Expert Sessions

Hands-on Training


10th & 12th / Diploma Engineering

Price and Duration

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