Solar Entrepreneur

Course Description

A Solar Entrepreneur is a person who commences business in the field of Solar by taking risks for profit. Solar Entrepreneurs are a lot more as an individual might want to be a manufacturer or an installer or run a unit.

It takes an arduous effort to be an entrepreneur as one must possess a lot of technical skills. 

Job Opportunities

A solar manufacture manufactures and structures solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, and so forth.

Apprehending the Solar components is essential for a solar installer.

A Solar Consultant will perceive the Technical, business guidelines and also guide with Government norms, policies, and schemes.

A Solar PV designer will design the Load structure using software, electrical design, and solar panels.

Learning Outcomes

Understand basic and advanced solar technical skills.

Constraints to initiate a business.

Understand the challenges faced by an entrepreneur and how to master it.

Training Methodology

Expert sessions & Guest Lectures

Sources of funding

Anchoring up a basic business


Engineering/ Technician

Price and Duration

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