C, C++, JAVA

Course Description

C is one of the programming languages. It is used extensively for scripting system applications. It is considered as a general-purpose programming language and relatively simple language. System software can be created with the help of C Language.

C++ is object-oriented and is widely used for competitive programming. From C+ated. + high performing applications can be created.

JAVA Programming is used to read and write data. Robust applications and Graphical user interface (GUI) can be built using JAVA

Job Opportunities

C developer is responsible for developing and testing the code with basic operating systems, embedded systems etc to develop it for high-level languages.

Developing, testing and debugging the software applications.

Testing and debugging the back end code in web applications and also for websites.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the basic and advanced features of Programming languages.

To equip with the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.

Understanding the design of complex computer applications through programming languages.

Training Methodology

Expert Sessions/ Guest lectures

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