Our Founder

Mr.C.Ranganathan a great visionary in the field of technical education. Was an inspiration to a lot of people, who looked upon him for his ideals. He had been a guiding light to the lives of the less fortunate, by helping them with education and source of income.

He was a first-generation social entrepreneur whose encouragement created ‘N’ number of entrepreneurs in various fields. He wanted the young minds of India to scale great heights in the field of technical education. With the support of both the Central and State governments, he was able to provide training to the needy. He had a keen interest in Agriculture and Tamil Literature.

Also, the words from Thirukural and many other motivational books inspired him. With his high face value, he had influenced a lot of people and as a principle, he recognized potential people as collaborators rather than a competitor The services rendered by him, to the student’s society will always be etched in the history of the technical education.


  • Started in the year 1985, with the mission of supporting and implementing innovative careers, we offer tailor-made programs for college students to make them industry and corporate ready.
  • Training includes supplementary programs for Personality Development and Entrepreneurship to mould them into independent individuals ready to tackle any curveball their career throws at them.
  • TATTI boasts of eminent trainers, educationalists and industrial leaders on its team who offer their first-hand experience along with interactive training.
  • We also teach corporate survival skills they would require on a day to day basis, like communication and etiquette for interviews, meetings, onsite deployment, requirements of the domain they choose to pursue etc.,
  • We go a step further to create awareness about alcohol and substance abuse and conduct workshops on self-discipline.
  • Our goal is to help achieve 100% placement of students and give them all the tools they would need before they embark on their professional journey.
  • TATTI’s repertoire of clients includes the Tamilnadu Police Department, ISRO, the Bombay Stock Exchange, Military, the Government of Tamilnadu, Aspire Systems, TCS ion where we conducted training for their CSR project.
  • We have signed over 35+ MOU’s with various academic institutions and industries to impart Skill Training in accordance with the Industry standards.
Blended Training
Flexible & Approaches
Highest Agreed & Certified Training
Highest Standards Of Learning
Real-World Experts
100% Result Oriented
Unique Leaving Method
Build Skills & Upskilling

Clout Of TATTI

  • Assisting students to choose a career and to counsel them suitably to work towards it.
  • A Systematic Study System that emulates all·round development on both personal and professional fronts.
  • Providing placement for candidates Who excel in our training program.

Course Structure

What’s Next? ( Job, Educations or Entrepreneurship? )

Preparation for Government and Corporate jobs, learning to Sustain and Succeed.

Business in a nutshell: Know-hows on Start-ups, Expansion and Marketing.

Handling Time, Stress, Fear and Anger.

Learning Self-discipline, Mapping Goals, Aptitude Development.