Shipping And Logistics Management

Course Description

Shipping and Logistics management is a part of the entire process of the supply chain. It is one of the popular methods used to adopt by companies to negotiate contracts for the delivery of goods and services. Logistics include planning, control, management and storage of flow of goods and services, customer satisfaction, and so forth. This logistics management is different from other management courses as it deals from the procurement stage until it reaches end consumers in the market. 

The key factors of this course include managing day to day work processes carried out at cargo terminals, airport, seaport and all types of warehouses, and with the highest aspiration training and guidance the person can work by up-grading him/herself to the highest levels.

Job Opportunities

Logistics Executive or Manager is responsible for activities such as meeting consumer’s demand, supplying raw materials, and coordinating events, and so forth.

The Logistics consultant is responsible for improving supply chain performance and give suggestions on materials management, productivity, and transportation, and so on.

The Warehouse Manager is responsible for the complete warehouse activities, which include maintaining, coordinating, checking warehouse and so forth.

The Transportation Manager is responsible for managing and coordinating all transportation activities.

The Inventory Manager is responsible for coordinating the warehouse or inventory employees. They also involved in activities such as recording day to day stock value, daily deliveries, and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basic concepts of shipping and logistics management.

Demonstrate students how to tackle challenges in logistics management in an effective manner.

Demonstrate knowledge about the legal and ethical environment which impacts the business environment.

Gain in-depth knowledge about the activities which occurred in the logistics business.

Demonstrate the logistics process, which starts from the procurement stage to end consumers.

Gain about the concept of export and import procedure while shipping goods in logistics.

Understand the concept of local and global logistics.

Gain and demonstrate 3PL, 4PL logistics

Training Methodology

Guest Lectures

Expert session

Industrial Visit


Arts, Engineering, MBA students & Graduates

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