Laptop And Cell Phone Servicing

Course Description

In today’s world, Laptop and Cell, phone servicing is a vital part. The laptop and cell phone servicing mainly focuses on repairs and renovate it to the consumers. In recent years, the demand for laptop and cell phone service engineer are rapidly increasing due to the growth of cell phones (i.e.) companies are introducing many kinds of cell phones, laptop and also the usage of these machines are high. This course is best suited for students who are more fascinated about cell phones.

Job Opportunities

Mobile Repairing Technician repairs and renovates mobile phones, including troubleshooting wire systems, detecting issues, and so on.

A Laptop Technician mainly repairs the systems. They also install software or hardware, troubleshooting issues and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

Gain basic knowledge; about laptop and cell phone servicing.

Demonstrate how to repair, what tools or equipment to be used, and so forth in laptop and cell phone servicing.

Training Methodology

Real-time training through Laptop technician


10th & 12th / Diploma Engineering

Price and Duration

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