Course Description

E-Vehicle or Electronic Vehicle is where Electronic motors is used to propel the vehicle. E-Vehicle is of different types, and each of them with its advantage. These are one of the emerging trends in the world as most of the people are aware of the ill effects of using a conventional vehicle. Students will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of E-vehicles.

Job Opportunities

A EV Component Engineer develops the E-Vehicle and also checks the functions of it.

Examine and Sanctions data for E-Vehicle. Also, test the EV functions.

Design and develops the entire parts of an E-Vehicle.

 Designs, Monitors, and tests EV batteries

Learning Outcomes

Overview of Material Types

Mechanism of E-Vehicles

Properties of Batteries

Components of E-Vehicles

Training Methodology

Guest Lectures/ Master Sessions

Hands-on Training



Engineer/ Diploma

Price and Duration

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