Rooftop Solar Grid Engineer

Course Description

This course is wholly based on installing solar panels on the rooftop. Students will get more exposure to the grid-tie system and also will get to learn more about the schemes and policies provided state and central government.

Job Opportunities

Rooftop Installer is responsible for activities relating to installing, inspecting the rooftop solar, and so forth.

Erection engineer install erects and inspecting the solar plant.

Solar engineer plan, design and install the solar plan

Learning Outcomes

Understand standard policy and regulatory framework.

Gain knowledge about the key regulatory parameters for interconnection and metering arrangement including power quality of the grid at the project site.

Gain a single line diagram of a rooftop solar PV power plant is as per the regulatory specifications.

Verify the working of the installed Solar metering system including import and export of energy

Testing the inverter operation including anti-islanding functionality, overload, etc

Training Methodology

Practical session

Industrial Visits


Engineering Graduate

Price and Duration

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