Travel And Tourism Management

Course Description

Travel and tourism management is one of the exciting sectors for students as it involves in travelling, learning more about culture, tradition, heritage and so forth. The purview is vast in this field. The course is best suited to students who are interested in a lot of travelling, exploring new cities or towns and so forth.

Job Opportunities

Travel agent book tickets, hotels and so forth for customers’

Guiding the tourist and helping them to understand the cultural heritage of cities and towns.

Manage finance, planning and implementing the tour and so forth.

Consultant helps the customers in arranging tours, travels according to the needs, wants and capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a basic knowledge about tourism and its cultural heritage of cities and towns in a very effective manner.

Students will learn about the planning, controlling and its implementation in tourism.

Students will able to gain knowledge about local and international tourism and its value.

Training Methodology

Guest Lecture

Expert Session

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Functions.


Any Graduates

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