Course Description

Robotics is the process of designing robots through actuator (i.e. motor), sensors, controller and power source. It operates automatically and is mainly designed for substituting human actions in the workplace.  The course covered under this session is the introduction to robots, types and applications of robots, sensors and so forth.

Job Opportunities

The main duty of robotics engineers is designing, building the robots and evaluating it by using software like computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)etc.

Provide technical support for building robots (i.e programming robotic cells, writing programming code and so forth).

Responsible for testing the robots. These technicians should know hardware, electronics knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the applications of Robotics.

Types of Robots

Learning the Analysis of Robotics system

Training Methodology

Guest Lectures/ Master Sessions

Hands-on Training



Diploma & Engineering Graduates

Price and Duration

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