Solar PV Designer

Course Description

Solar PV design course is based on designing the solar plant in software like PVSyst, Solar Pro, PV*SOL, etc. This software helps to quickly know the power generated, create energy forecasts, creates a superior design, and save costs and labour effort.

Job Opportunities

Solar EPC engineer test or evaluate the photovoltaic cells.

Solar Operation and maintenance (O&M) are responsible for planning, scheduling the daily and weekly activities of solar plant operations.

Learning Outcomes

Students will get to know about solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology and also its applications.

Understand solar PV Installer.

Gain knowledge about the various types of rooftop solar PV power plants and their applications.

Understand the concept of electrical systems such as voltage, current, power, and so forth.

Demonstrate overall plant layout.

Training Methodology


Practical session


Engineering/ Technician

Price and Duration

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