Interior Design And Decoration

Course Description

Interior design and decoration is an artwork of designing the space with embellishing objects to make a delightful and aesthetic environment for the people. Interior designers decorate the functional spaces with design, colors, and lighting materials and so on. This course will best suited for more students who are more creative in thinking, designing and so forth.

Job Opportunities

Interior designer design the space with design, colors, patterns and so forth.

Associative designer is responsible for activities such as purchasing furniture, fittings, lighting materials and so forth for the interior

Planner will make the plan and research the space and effectively utilize it for interior decoration.

Consultant advises designer in creating the space. They help in planning, marketing techniques and so forth.

Furniture designer is specializing in creating new furniture designs and satisfying the customers or clients according to their needs. They design couches, chairs, sofas and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

Students gain an in-depth knowledge about the concept of elements and principles of designing and its applications.

Demonstrate various skills in sketching, drawings and so forth.

Gain knowledge about functional aspects of interior design.

Students get knowledge about fundamentals of freehand sketching.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Guest lecture

Outdoor activities


Arts & Engineering Students

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