Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

Course Description

Refrigeration and Air conditioning is the process of installing, repairing, and maintaining systems in various commercial buildings like industries, supermarkets, offices for multiple applications. An outline of AC assembling, erection servicing, troubleshooting, refrigerator assembling, spares, and so forth was covered.

Job Opportunities

Chief Engineer is responsible for all activities such as estimating the project, approving designs, and so forth.

Supervisors make schedules, assigning work to employees, training them, and so forth.

Consultant officer works on various fields such as coordinating employees, developing projects, and so forth.

Electrical engineer design, develop and test electrical wires, circuit, equipment, and so on.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain knowledge about the basic concepts of air conditioning and refrigeration spare parts, tools, and equipment.

Understand the safety precaution and mechanism of the air conditioner.

Gain a piece of knowledge about the different types of air conditioners and refrigerators.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Hands-on Training


10th & 12th / Diploma Engineering

Price and Duration

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