Audio Engineering

Course Description

Audio engineering is the basic study of music or sound. It is the process of recording, producing, manipulating, reproduction, and equalizing sounds to alter and balance the different levels of sounds. An audio engineer works with technical aspects of the sound in the films. This course is best suited for students interested in the art of sound, experimenting with different types of music and so forth.

Job Opportunities

An Audio Engineer mix, record, and produce different types of music for a film.

Recording engineers primarily focuses on recording various kinds of sounds or music.

Acoustic Consultant helps to design and control sounds and vibrations in the system.

Mix Engineer mainly focuses on mixing different kinds of sound or music and creates a new kind of music for the film.

Learning Outcomes

Students gain basic knowledge about the concept of film music.

Demonstrate knowledge about editing and enhancing film sounds.

Understanding the procedure of recording film sounds in places.

Understanding the workflow and role of live sound in environments.

Demonstrate different levels of sounds in the movie.

Gain in-depth about the importance of film music.

Training Methodology

Real-time studio environment

Expert session

Guest Lecture



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