Visual Effects (VFX)

Course Description

A visual effect is a process of creating imaginary things into live-action. It is learning of art, techniques, software for animation. This process is the combination of both computer-based imaginary and also real things into action in film making. The course is best suited for more creative students.

Job Opportunities

Layout Artist collects types of images or styles to create a visual design on the computer or on paper.

Match mover artist is responsible for creating geometry, camera movement and object movement used in a 3D environment.

Roto Artist who usually work with compositors and help them to integrate the images which include CG and live-action images to create visual effects shots in the film.

Compositing Artist wholly responsible for the visual quality of images for an animated film.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the fundamental concepts of film making, 3D modelling and so forth.

Demonstrate 2D/3D computer-generated images and live-action

Demonstrate real photo images to match with live-action

Gain knowledge about the hardware and software procedure in visual effects.

Training Methodology

Hands-on training

Expert Session/ Guest Lecture



10th & 12th/ Diploma Engineering

Price and Duration

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