Automobile Mechanic

If one keeps track of vehicles on the road, one may recognize a profession as a vehicle mechanic. There are no workrooms or long conferences for this job.

Course Description

An automobile mechanic maintains repairs and inspects a vehicle. They usually work on maintaining and repairing seat belts, engines, and also transmit electronic systems like steers, brakes, and other automobile systems. The demand for an automobile mechanic is increasing. An outline of the fuel system, suspension system, lubricating, and so forth will be covered. This course is best suited for students interested in the automobile.

Job Opportunities

A Car Mechanic diagnosis, repairs, and refits the vehicle part.

The Sales executive is responsible for activities such as marketing and selling products, maintaining the relationship with clients (i.e.) providing guidance, solving problems, and so forth.

Quality Engineer checks the manufactured vehicles (i.e., checking the process and pieces of equipment which are appropriate used for building the vehicles).

Service Manager responsible for managing service to customers and also provide external service.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn about the lubricating system, fuel system, coolant systems, transmission systems, and so forth.

Students will assimilate the necessary knowledge (i.e.) how vehicles work, which types of tools to prefer or other pieces of equipment to use on vehicle, and so forth.

Understand a piece of knowledge about the engine system such as disassembling and reassembling methods, oil leakage, coolant, and fuels in vehicles.

Demonstrate base steering systems in vehicles.

Understand the basic tire, wheel, and suspension systems.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Hands-on Training


10th & 12th / Diploma Engineering

Price and Duration

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