Multimedia 2D & 3D

Course Description

Animation plays a vital role in today’s world. 3 Dimensional animation or computer animation is the process of manipulating objects in digital software whereas 2 Dimensional is hand-drawn animation.

Job Opportunities

A 3D Animator is an artist who designs animated images and also works on video games.

A Character Animator is responsible for designing character through animation software, 3D Modeling and so forth. 

A 2D Animator designs his/her animations manually.

A Digital Ink & Lighting artist adds different shades of colour depth and sequences to a design.

Learning Outcomes

Gain basic concepts about 3D/2D animation.

Demonstrate 3D models and animation images.

Understand various software and tools used in an animation.

Demonstrate design layouts and backgrounds manually. 

Training Methodology

Hands-on knowledge

Guest Lectures/ Expert sessions

Projects/ Assessments


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