Entrepreneurship Management

Course Description

An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to start a venture for profit. Entrepreneur organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy; a tremendous amount of time and dedication is required. The course will best suit for students who want to introduce and innovate new products and services.

Job Opportunities

A Small business owner manages and monitors the activities such as raising funds, leading business, and so forth.

Business consultants monitor companies ‘operations and improve it. Usually, consultants work in areas such as human resource management, finance, and so forth.

Developers identify new business developments, building a relationship between management and customers, and so forth.

Faculty members teach and impart basic knowledge to students or candidates.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain basic knowledge about the concept of business startups, product or service development, and so forth.

This course will help the students to learn emerging trends and challenges about the entrepreneurship.

Training Methodology

Guest Lecture

Expert Session

Incubation Setup

Startup Support

Seed Capital/Funding

Facilitation Setup


College Students & Graduates

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