Sales & Marketing Management

Course Description

Sales & Marketing Management is managing all the activities in a sales and marketing process i.e., from the sales process to the promotion of the goods and services in the market. It includes planning, decision making, and also controlling the marketing aspects of the company. The main object of Sales and marketing management is to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers and also identify the marketing strategy to develop/promote in the market. 

Job Description

 A Sales & Marketing Manager plans the new sales to be done and also identifies the marketing strategies to be implemented.

A Brand manager does all the branding activities for a product or a company.

 A Research Analyst gathers all information about the customers through various perspectives like demographics, buying preferences, habits and so forth.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basic concept of Sales & marketing policies

Understand the concept of the effectiveness of marketing advertising and its strategies.

Developing hard & soft skills.

Training Methodology

Industrial Visits

Guest lectures

Project work


Any Graduates

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