Web Design

Course Description

Web designing is the process of creating and developing web pages or websites for business. This can be used to attract visitors and convert into paying consumers by providing necessary information about the company brand, products, and so forth. Web designing consists of layout colour, appearance, font, content, images, and so forth. This course is best suited for students interested in designing software.

Job Opportunities

An application developer is responsible for the life cycle and also for creating the software. They also test, debug, and improve the faulty application of software for clients.

Game Developer is responsible for activities of planning, designing, creating mobile and computer video games.

A Multimedia Programmer creates and multimedia products on the computer.

UX designer is responsible for conducting user research and testing.

Web content manager is responsible for checking the content which appears on the website. They also coordinate the content writer team.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the basic concept of web design

Gain in-depth knowledge about the basics of HTML code.

Demonstrate web page design and its applications.

Understand the concept of Java Script

Demonstrate image tag, list tag, table tag, drop down and checkbox, and so forth.

Training Methodology

Expert session

Live demo

Real-time example


Software Professionals

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