Vocational Education – The Next Level of Learning

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein

In today’s situation, every individual trying to upskill their knowledge through learning many innovative or career-oriented vocational education to get success in their career life.

Due to advancement in technology, skilled employees are in demand by the industries. With the help of vocational education, it made it easy for industries to recruit skilled employee for the project and make it more productive.

What is vocational education?

Vocational education or Career and Technical Education (CTE) is very important for the individual for learning the in-depth industrial concept through a practical way of knowledge.

There is an enormous number of vocational training related to many industrial sectors.

Why vocational education is need of an hour?

  • Vocational education manoeuvering individuals to upgrade their skills.
  • Helps the individual to prepare according to industrial standards.
  • It helps to do better performance in the workplace.
  • Vocational education helps to develop the economy with the more skilled employees in the industry.
  • Helps to gain technical skills through practical way than theory.
  • Helps to promote the value of self-independence among individuals.

Recently, with the advancement of many digital technologies, vocational education made it easier and tries to improve the interest of learning the concepts practically.

How to improve vocational education among students?

  1. Creating an awareness program and promoting the value of vocational based education.
  2. Conducting educational related workshop/training in an institution.

Also, education institutions and training centres should take an initiative of providing vocational based training to the rural people and make them successful.

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