Top Trending Tech Courses for 2022

With the rapid advancement in the Information Technology sector, everyone must upskill their knowledge with new learnings. If you are looking to start your career with top tech companies, here is a list of top tech courses to get more successful opportunities in your career.


Web development is all about creating an innovative and interactive website. Web development includes web design, web programming and web publishing. The skills learned from this course are HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, React and more. Using these technologies will make an individual create high quality and interactive websites with several types of devices.


Cyber security is an emerging technology and one of the best technical courses in India. To protect all the crucial data, many organizations are on the lookout for cyber security professionals. This latest technology is adapted to enhance security. It will remain trending as it is constantly evolving to defend against hackers.


Big data is nothing but a field that treats a way to analyze and systematically extract a piece of information from new data sources. The skills you will learn in this course are big data frameworks such as Hadoop & real-time processing framework. Also, you will gain NoSQL based technologies like MongoDB, Cassandra and tools like a hive, pig etc.


Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing technology with the rise of bitcoin prices. The skills learned from this course are how blockchain technology works, exposure to research and evaluate new tools and integration etc. Many companies are hiring blockchain developers.


Digital Marketing is one of the precious things for business growth (small or big companies). This digital marketing technique helps the business to establish an online presence to reach the global audience with cost-effective, scalable & measurable. This course helps you to learn about SEO, SCM, Web analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and so forth. With these techniques, one can implement powerful and innovative ways to promote their business to its target audience.


AI & Machine Learning are the two powerful and emerging technologies of the 21st century. Many fields have started to apply AI and machine learning technologies which includes healthcare, retail business, Entertainment, E-Commerce, logistics and etc. The demand for developer jobs is high. Machine learning algorithms, deep learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing will be taught.


As per the global survey, nearly most of the organizations believes that using the right project management methodology and strategy is vital for the more productive. By 2027, the demand for project management jobs will reach nearly 90 million.

To get succeed in project management, a pump certification course is a must. This course will help you to achieve success in project management. You will learn how to plan, manage, implement and execute the projects effectively.

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