Today’s world is fully tacked together with technologies and artificial resources. From setting off at dawn till the end of the day we are all influenced by artificial resource. We depend more on artificial power rather than Natural power. More use of artificial resource causes pollution, emission of high greenhouse gases which leads to Global Warming.

But in the modern era, the use of renewable resource is notably high, because the need for Natural resources is known by many.

We are in a world full of extinction, industries unacceptably use technologies in an ill-mannered way. Due to this, the threat to planet earth has been gradually increasing. Climate change, high pollution, extinction of species, deforestation are rapidly increasing.

Poisonous gases are emitted into the air such as Carbon dioxide, Methane, CFC (Chloro Fluro Carbon) by the industries, due to burning of fossil fuels, disposal of wastes, and because of all these reasons animals (species) get extinct.

Here is why Natural resources come to the rescue?

Natural resources are considered as the world’s lifeline. The following are a few basic advantages of Natural resources:

  1. They help to reduce pollution.
  2. Helps to preserve our ecosystem.
  3. Helps in sustainable development.
  4. Strengthen of biodiversity and so forth.

Natural resources such as Wind Energy, Solar energy, geothermal energy, and Hydropower so forth can be used to decrease the environmental issues.

Among the above-said resources, solar energy is considered the most efficient and effective means of natural resource.

Why Solar?

Solar energy is cost-efficient and most importantly pollution-free. It is an all-purpose energy. Solar panels are constructed at homes, IT sectors, manufacturing industries and so on.

Why is it an all-purpose energy?

  1. Electricity can be generated.
  2. Augments the power
  3. Used for cooking, heating, drying clothes
  4. Solar calculators
  5. Solar vehicle
  6. Solar-powered road signs
  7. Process of photosynthesis and much more.

 Solar Energy helps to reduce almost all the environmental issues happening around the world, thus the present generation should conserve the natural resource and use them efficiently for future consumption.

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