The Power Of Communication

What is Communication?

Communication is the exchange of information to another person by oral or in writing. Communication is not about eloquence in knowing a language. Communication is very much compelling in today’s world, as pieces of information girdle us all around the world.

Few Aspects of Communication:

  • Great communication advocates in building a stronger relationship with one another, and also sustains it for a longer period.
  • Excellent Communication helps the speaker, and the listener succinctly understands things much better-avoiding chaos in conversation.
  • Effective Communication helps one to land in their dream job.
  • Performance in business, engaging employees, and a few other problems faced in an organization can be improved with Communication.

Let’s look at the two types of Communication:

Communication can be classified into two, i.e., Verbal Communication and Non-Verbal Communication.

Syncing the verbal and non-verbal Communication paves the way to great and powerful Communication.

1. Verbal Communication: Verbal Communication is a type of Communication where the information is exchanged through written, telephone or directly.

2. Non – Verbal Communication: In this type of Communication, the information is exchanged through actions.

Examples of Non-Verbal Communication:

Body Language


Eye contact


Voice Tonality etc.,

From convincing to sell a product to providing information to expressing one’s desires, we need Communication.

How to develop good Communication skill?

1. Empathize

2. Listen

3. Control

4. Body language

5. Ask questions

6. Unsophisticated language

Last but not least, Communication is an art, and with daily practice, one can improve well in mastering communication skills.

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