Future Trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we all know Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology. Let us see the in-depth of it.

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI plays a vital role in the technology industry where the machines/computers are programmed with the prompt of human intelligence to work and react like humans. Also to mention that AI is the combination of both Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This AI is done for many activities such as speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and many more. AI includes image processing, face & optical recognition etc.

Applications of AI:

Artificial Intelligence has been applied and succeeded in many sectors. Here, we have some of the examples:


For personalized shopping (i.e., searching the content by labelling features through images/videos with the help of machine learning and AI software)


GPS helps to analyze the navigation routes information easier for humans. This technology mostly used by Uber and also by other logistics companies for accurate navigation.


AI plays a vital role for companies in hiring the right person using intelligence software.


AI helps the health care industry in various purposes such as diagnosing cancer cells, identifying new drugs with the help of data and medical intelligence and so forth.


Artificial intelligence used in the agricultural sector for identifying the nutrient deficiencies in the soil through robotics, computer vision etc. Also, AI bots will help the farmers to harvest for a larger volume than human labourers.


AI used in the cyber security field to detect the vulnerabilities in business applications like ERP or financial assistance.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Business:

Artificial Intelligence or AI will be more useful and effective for a business in various ways which include market & customer insights, efficient sales process, virtual assistance, data unlocking and also personalized customer experience.

Till now, some of the industrial sectors using this artificial intelligence application. In upcoming years, with many advanced technologies in AI, every sector will get benefitted and run its business effectively.

Industrial sectors will develop more with the upcoming trends of Artificial Intelligence in 2021:

  • AI Driven Dynamic Operating Models
  • AI and Cloud Adoption
  • AI and Martech (a combination of Marketing and Technology)
  • Robotics process automation
  • Conversational AI
  • The intersection of the Internet of things with Artificial Intelligence (AIoT)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI powered business forecasting and Analysis
  • Edge computing and so forth.

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