Cyberpreneur – New Advancement Tool of Entrepreneurship

In this digital era, the internet plays a vital role for many businesses for earning profit through various platforms such as infonomics (generating the amount via articles, videos); Electronic commerce (selling products online), cybersecurity solutions and so forth.

Cyberpreneurship is one of the unique phenomena in this digital world, a blended version of cyber and entrepreneurship. Cyberpreneurship refers to entrepreneurs who use digitalisation to start, promote their business/ services through innovative techniques to create and sustain growth in this competitive market.

From the past decade, the cyberpreneurship industry has seen massive growth due to internet facilities. Every time we see digital information such as online news, blogs, articles etc.

What Cyberpreneurs do?

Cyberpreneurs leverage information data of their business products/services and provide access for selling that through various online platforms. These professionals come with various ideas for advertising their products and make the consumers buy them online. Cyberpreneurs can operate their business in all kinds of business models.

Some of the main applications of Cyberpreneurship:

  1. Selling digital information products – This one encapsulates the digital information through blogs, vlogs, e-books, videos, podcasts, etc.
  2. Selling physical products – Entrepreneurs who create physical products and sell them on the internet (e-commerce platform)
  3. Selling the sponsorship – Creates loyal followers/community through a social media platform. Through this, cyberpreneurs receive sponsorship from companies who want to promote their products to these large communities.
  4. Selling brands – Cyberpreneurs will create and develop their business via a website. With the emerging digital business nowadays, cyberpreneurs have an option for selling their existing business. Many platforms offer to buy and sell the websites (for instance: Empire flippers, etc.)

What’s next for Cyberpreneurs in future?

In a future scenario, both cyberpreneurship and cyberpreneurs will have a long-lasting impact. The next wave of cyberpreneurs will be available once the internet becomes too faster in every part of the country.

Top cyberpreneurs will have e-commerce retailers, freelancers (i.e., IT professionals, writers, bloggers, programmers, SEO experts, etc.). With the help of emerging tools such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, more cyberpreneurs will be more in the future. Cyberpreneurship has opened a lot of career options also starting their business through online.

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