A great visionary in the field of technical education. Was an inspiration to a lot of people, who looked upon him for his ideals.
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Success Stories

List of some successful candidates after completing their training in Solar Power.


I do sales, installations and also serve as Solar Service Provider by floating my own enterprise “E-FLOWER SOLARS”. I am benefited through TATTI solar training and now I am successful in my career in solar field.
MAIL ID: 5ileprint.subbhu@gmail.com


Once after receiving his solar completion certificate, Ragull has started to take orders on his own in roof-top installations with the help of solar training course completed in TATTI.


With support service rendered by TATTI I have completed my solar training besides have also enlisted in TEDA once after the certification issued for the completion in Solar Training. I have begun my own business “ARUVI ENERGY” and I have dealership with PAASUMAI VEETU THITTAM which is a government project.
MAIL ID: selvanpurushoth@gmail.com


I do float my own business called as “GANAPATHY ELECTRICALS” and I also work as a Solar Service Provider in PWD once after finishing my Solar Training in TATTI. I am capable and adequate at present to shine in my career only because of completing solar training.
MAIL ID: udhay.m25@gmail.com


Though being a Solar Technician in NLC Corporates, Selva Kumar is the boss of “GREEN ENERGY” and he says that he has been so far efficient in his career only after completing his solar training in TATTI.
MAIL ID: selvaprofile91@gmail.com


He enrolled for solar training course in TATTI for the reason that he was in want of solar completion certificate to enlist in TEDA and moves victoriously his own enterprise “SAKTHI & SAKTHI SOLAR” at present and even has enlisted in TEDA.


The owner of “ABIRAMI SOLARS” says that TATTI has assisted him to run his own business where he carries out roof-top installations and seems his business to be successful with the help of the knowledge that he has gained through the site visits and practical classes.
MAIL ID: dshankarhs@gmail.com


Works as a Solar Engineer in MAS Solar System Private Limited and also is the owner of GER Solar & Electricals and he gives feedback on his training that it was 100% useful for his career.
MAIL ID: santhoshsskaruna@gmail.com


I came up to do this course because I was need in need of the Solar Completion Certificate hence I chose TATTI and now I have registered in TEDA moreover I do run my own company called “APPLE ELECTRICALS”
MAIL ID: dinesh@appleelectricals.com


I am a Freelancer in solar field and simultaneously running my own enterprise “I FLUIDS ENGINEERING” and with the skills that was gained during the training period I try to implement in selling some solar products.
MAIL ID: sskeie2016@gmail.com


Has started an enterprise called as “SHAN ELECTRICALS & ENERGY SYSTEM” after finishing his solar training in TATTI. At present he is with an idea to carry out solar training courses in educational institutions.
MAIL ID: prasanthespp@gmail.com


To enlist in TEDA I did solar training in TATTI and it benefitted me in many ways and now I am doing my self-business “BIGFOX ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED” which works on solar plant installations.
MAIL ID: rpmanikandan@gmail.com


He conveys that the training was so good and has trained him to run his own enterprise “EPC CONTRACTS” and adds up that he has been so far successful in his career only because of the solar training that he completed in TATTI.
MAIL ID: jmkdan@gmail.com


Has started his own business where he does erection of solar panels after completing his solar training in TATTI. He shares that the course was very useful to gain more knowledge about solar.

Siva Kumar.G

The candidate is doing import of Solar Invertor’s and Charge controller’s from Taiwan and German.

Sethu Madhavan.E

The candidate has started an own enterprise and he is doing R&D in home based emergency lights and Solar Products.


The candidate is planning to float a company by name Solar Experts.

Sadiq Ahmed.D

The candidate is planning to float a company by name Rayin Power.

Raj Nivas.A, Rajesh Kannan.M, Elangovan.N, Sundaravel.M

The 4 candidate’s have together floated a company by name Solario Powers and they have successfully erected a 1KW panel.

Thyagarajan, Rajaraman.M, Prithviraj V.K

The 3 candidate’s are planning to float a company together and they are looking for investors.


The candidate has floated an Integration of Solar Systems and Solar Products company by name Shri Aditya Green Tech.


The candidate has floated a Solar Integration and Installation company by name Phoenix Solar.


The candidate has started dealership with the company Sukam.


The candidate has floated a company by name GSON Solar Solutions. He is currently working in the product design.

Bharath Kumar.M

The candidate has applied for CST and Batch No, and he is waiting for TEDA enrollment. He has floated a company by name Sun & Silicon Solar Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.